The Daily Show hosted Tomi Lahren – the internet lost its mind

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The conversation was surprising, to say the least.

Nobody seems to agree on anything these days, especially in the political sphere. People have been turning to different political  pundits and news sites to try and make sense of what’s going on, and two of the internet’s youngest and most popular speakers came together recently to try and hash out their opposing viewpoints.

Trevor Noah of the Daily Show hosted Tomi Lahren, a pretty twenty-something who sets the internet on fire with her bombastic “Final Thoughts” videos, and the conversation was surprisingly calm.

That’s not to say that people didn’t become even more firmly entrenched in their opinions after the segment was over. There were hateful comments from both sides posted on Lahren’s and Noah’s respective sites, and denizens of Facebook and Twitter immediately chose sides. There are still people debating over who won and who lost the debate.

Noah seemed to hold his own with grace and integrity, but he did seem to hit a snag when he tried to get Lahren to explain how a black man should appropriately protest whe he finds something unsatisfactory. He kept asking her the same question over and over and expected a different response, but she pivoted and avoided the question altogether.

As a journalist, that makes me insane, and I wish he had thought of a better way to address that specific issue. Other than that, I thought both sides expressed themselves eloquently and at least attempted to help the other side see from their perspective.

If you want to read another critical piece about this encounter, click the link below:




Author: Cailin Smith

I'm a Journalism and Mass Communications major and senior at the University of Iowa. I love Netflix, sushi, running, and dogs, and I've been known to burst into random dance moves without prompt.

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