Cross Platform Critique: Hearst Media

This is a critique of three different publications owned by the mass media company Hearst. I’ll be looking at one newspaper, one magazine, and one online publication and offer my thoughts on their content, editing, and composition/presentation.

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The Daily Show hosted Tomi Lahren – the internet lost its mind

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The conversation was surprising, to say the least.

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Pence’s neighbors troll him with gay pride flags

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The soon-to-be Vice President is famous for his stance on LGBT issues, and his new neighbors have a problem with that. Mike Pence has temporarily relocated to a Washington D.C. neighborhood ahead of his January inauguration and is now greeted with the colorful rainbow flags of the LGBT
community every time he leaves his residence.

An article from Time Magazine covers the story in detail, including interviews with neighbors who say that they think this is a good way to express their disagreements with his beliefs.

My critique for this article concerns how short it actually is. It includes hyperlinks that can take you to other pages that describe his “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” but I think that the article could have benefited from further explanation of why people disagree with his beliefs. There is only one quote from one of  the neighbors who put up the flags, and the quote adds nothing new to the narrative.

Map shows the world’s countries if they were reorganized by population

Ever wondered what the world would look like if the countries with the most people had the most space? Thanks to an article from, you can now see it for yourself. This map shows you the world’s countries swapped according to population.