Trump Jr. – Idiot


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I am not a fan of Donald Trump, his family, his brand, or anything he stands for. And as it turns out, Donald Trump Jr. is just as unsavory as his father.

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Kim Kardashian Robbery – Hoax or Harrowing?

Image result for kim kardashianDon’t get me wrong – I hate the Kardashians. But despite my irritation at their existence, I do not feel that anyone deserves to undergo the frightening experience of an armed robbery. I actually felt sorry for Kim Kardashian when I heard the news; she’s just a person, after all, and she has two small kids to think about.

But now, there’s doubt that there even was a robbery in the first place.

As more details have come out about the supposed burglary, which allegedly took place in a Paris hotel, more and more people have begun to focus on the holes in the story, and they have started to doubt the authenticity of the story.

Fox News released an article about these suspicions, and that would have been fine if they hadn’t had common mistakes in their grammar. Most notably there was a missing question mark at the end of a question posed by private investigator Patricia D’Orsa-Dijamco, which was distracting and frustrating for me because I already was reading a story about a celebrity that I detest, and then I had to deal with improper grammar on top of that.

I really would not be surprised if this story does turn out to be a hoax. But for pity’s sake Kim, don’t let the one time I briefly felt sorry for you turn out to be a ridiculous cry for attention.